Residential Clients

I love my residential clients. When you become a residential client of mine, you become part of my family. I treat all issues as if they were my own computer and your data as if it were my own precious data to lose. I will always go that extra mile and give those extra bits of service that others might nickle and dime you for. My goal is for you to have your problem fixed right the first time.

Peter R – failed HDD in a MacBook Pro. Recovered all data using an ice-cream maker. Rebuilt PC using SSD and restored all data for user. Upgraded an older MacBook to an SSD. Restored data from old drive to new drive. Replaced iPhone5 screen and cut Mini SIM to Nano SIM and transferred service.

Business Clients

My business clients always provide me with great challenges that I always go above and beyond to remedy. Ensuring uptime and consistent performance is my main priority as well as communicating all findings in an easy to understand language for my client, be it a technical savvy firm or not.

Provided content and articles for
Recovered main site ( and Project ST sites after malicious attack. Worked to remove from global blacklists and restore content. Reinforced site with many security implementations and drew up best practices for site owners to follow as well as monitored performance consistently afterwards. Optimized site for best performance and worked to reduce errors reported (PHP, Apache, SQL, WordPress)

Provided full-time IT support and implementation for desktops, notebooks, servers (Dell), phone system (Nortel PBX, Shoretel VOIP), email (Exchange), CRM (AutoBase), network security (WebSense, Cisco PIX), custom website and inventory system, ADP DealerSuite and other services.

Aston Martin of New England and Lotus Motorsports Inc

Provided weekend consulting for desktop, computer and networks

Provided full time support for for desktops, notebooks, software, RSA SecurID, Lotus Notes/Domino, Exchange 2003.