YES! Laptops, desktops, servers, networks, iPhones, Exchange, data recovery, websites, maybe even your car! You name it, I’ll fix it.


I offer no BS technical services for home and business. With over 25 years of hands on experience, I can help fix your problem, no matter what it is.

Tired of getting the runaround from tech service providers that just read the script or go by the book? Sick of paying exorbitant fees for repairs because nothing is advertised up front? Don’t want to deal with a repair place that’s just trying to upsell you to buy a new PC? I was too.

There’s not a technical problem I’ve run into that I can’t fix and if it’s a new problem, I won’t pass that research and testing time onto your bill. Want to get constant and heavily detailed updates on your problem? I do that too. I have nothing to hide and love for my clients to be well informed, even if it costs me. I’d rather you be able to fix your own problem then rely on me or any other technical service provider. Are you a novice and you just want it fixed right the first time and you don’t need your bones rattled with technobabble? I’ll do that too.

Tired of tech service providers with pages full of stock photos of random people pointing at monitors and people wearing headsets! ME TOO!

So, how much?

*Shameless memegenerator images sourced from hyperboleandahalf (Allie Brosh). Go to her site and buy alot of stuff.

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